I love to deliver positively impactful talks packed full of ideas and strategies to change lives for the better.



When you choose a speaker for your next event, I get that there’s a lot at stake.

Your audience has increasingly high expectations – there’s no room for forgettable speaker mediocrity, in subject matter expertise or in hum-drum delivery.

People expect to enjoy themselves and leave energised with fresh ways of thinking and working.



The quality of our lives depends on how well we meet our challenges – the ones we choose and the ones that choose us. I help people learn self-leadership skills and strategies to meet their challenges more effectively, the professional and the personal.

Delivered on stage or virtually, my talks inspire, inform and ignite performance and personal growth. Audiences don’t forget.

I’m committed to making your event awesome. One your audience will thank you for organising and remember for years to come. We’ll achieve this by spending time talking about your specific event and audience needs. The better I understand what you want to achieve, the better the result.

These keynotes are especially suitable for audiences in corporate, entrepreneurial and service-oriented organisations.

Keynotes outlined below will all be tailored to meet the specific needs of your event. All talks are also available as experiential workshops.

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With Eric

Keynote #1

It won’t have escaped your notice that life can be pretty challenging. It’s not just the big stuff (pandemics, changes at work and in relationships). It’s the small stuff too. Daily difficulties, distractions and disruptions.

How we respond to our challenges determines the quality of our lives – professional and personal. There’s a lot at stake.

In this keynote, Eric shares the most powerful ideas and thinking from his acclaimed book, Swipe Right on Your Best Self. Your audience will discover a set of skills and strategies to develop courageous authenticity – the capability to choose to do what’s challenging and personally worthwhile. To be more proactive, courageous and collaborative.

Your people will leave freshly energised with transformative insights including:

  • Three human predicaments that cause most people to live smaller, more timid lives
  • Three critical foundations to being fit for purpose
  • Three mindsets essential for courageous action
  • A seven-step model to meet any challenge more effectively.

The ideas and strategies in this inspiring and catalytic keynote are of special interest to audiences who are ambitious about living well, in their professional and personal lives.

Also available as an experiential workshop.

Keynote #2
First Lead Yourself

The challenge of change places extraordinary demands upon leaders to manage their minds. To skilfully regulate their own reactivity, focus and engagement. When self-leadership is overlooked, leaders are inevitably more inflexible and less skilful in engaging others to perform effectively. In addition, anxiety and stress are contagious. Productivity, engagement and well-being suffer.

Most leadership development programs focus on building skills to bring out the best in others to meet workplace targets. What’s often neglected are the hidden foundations that make this possible, especially during challenging circumstances. Self-leadership. 

In this talk, Eric introduces an additional tool for the leader’s mental toolbox, courageous authenticity. Extensive research has demonstrated that there are three emotional intelligence skills, that when combined, significantly improve leaders’ ability to meet workplace challenges such as: 

  • Having the difficult conversations that others avoid
  • Making the difficult decisions that others delay
  • Exercising restraint where others act on impulse


In addition, leaders with greater courageous authenticity are more proactive, collaborative, receptive to feedback, implement changes better, enjoy better relationships and greater well-being. 

Your audience will leave with: 

  • A simple four-step model for building courageous authenticity, the Swipe Right Matrix
  • Self-awareness of the personal motivations that drive them forward, and the inner resistance that holds them back
  • A memorable three-step strategy to do more of what’s personally important and challenging, when it matters most.


Also available as an experiential workshop.

Keynote #3

Challenging circumstances in professional and personal life place extraordinary demands on us all. Navigating such challenges skilfully requires mindsets which are flexible, positive and solution-focused.

Most people underestimate the extent to which they can develop their own mindset to meet life’s challenges well and enjoy greater effectiveness, performance and relationships. Discoveries in the capacity of the human brain to learn and grow (neuroplasticity) have revealed the surprising extent to which we can literally change our minds for good. Greater confidence, calm and well-being are just a few of the inner strengths which can be intentionally developed to better meet life’s challenges, at home and at work.

In this talk your audience will learn;

  • Why the human mind often slips into negative thinking that holds us back
  • How cultural forces can diminish our resilience if left unchecked
  • Five ways to intentionally develop inner strengths to build resilience and well-being
  • Five ways to accelerate the rewiring of your brain for good

Such resilience and well-being is not only personally valuable, but it also positively impacts those we live and work with and the organisations to which we contribute. An inspirational talk with strategies to implement right away, this talk will appeal to audiences eager to experience greater joy, connection and fulfillment at work and home.

Also available as an experiential workshop.


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