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What stops us from pursuing our biggest dreams in life? Why do we hold ourselves back from being fully seen and heard as our real selves professionally and personally?

Swipe Right On Your Best Self


In Swipe Right on Your Best Self, Eric Winters describes simple strategies backed by science to meet challenges more effectively.
Eric reveals:

  • The three human predicaments that cause most people to live smaller, timid lives
  • The three critical foundations to being fit for purpose
  • The three mindsets essential for courageous action
  • The seven steps to swiping right on your best self so you can meet any challenge more effectively.

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  1. Russ Harris, author of the The Happiness Trap

    Well-written, entertaining…playful and practical strategies to be who you really want to be.

  2. Jon Hill, Director of Blueprint Coaching and Training, co-author of Acceptance and Commitment Coaching

    I love Swipe Right on Your Best Self…wonderfully entertaining and inspiring…a dream to read. I will recommend to friends, colleagues and clients, and read and re-read myself.

  3. Dr Suzy Green, CEO of The Positivity Institute, author of The Positivity Prescription

    …an incredibly powerful and accessible book… a pure joy to read!

  4. Jennifer Wittwer, CSM, FAHRI, author of Against the Wind

    …an inspiring roadmap to achieving our best authentic self through courage

  5. James Farrell, Financial Services Industry Executive, Microsoft

    A fun, fast-paced book about developing courage…an essential ingredient to collaborating and adapting during challenging times.

  6. Ally Muller, Innovation leader and Founder of Goya Consulting

    …a well-lived life is a risky adventure, and this book is a guide and coaching tool through this journey…I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing book!

  7. Andrew Griffiths, International Bestselling Business Author, Global Entrepreneurial Speaker

    There is a lot that I love in Eric Winters’ new book. The more I read, the more I felt the rising and often overwhelming desire to embrace the concept of courageous authenticity…very heartfelt congratulations.

  8. Dr Elizabeth King, Coaching Psychology Unit, University of Sydney

    I highly recommend Swipe Right on Your Best Self, a book just right for this moment in history when individually and collectively we need to reflect and reset, orientating more closely to what is truly important in life for ourselves, our loved ones and our planet.

  9. David Rankin, Financial Coach and Founder of Sort My Money

    I loved this book…an engaging, intimate and nourishing dialogue; akin to an absorbing conversation with an old friend, who is both witty and wise…wholeheartedly recommended!

  10. Rachel Collis, co-author of the Working with ACT blog, Executive and Leadership Coach

    …packed full of wise and important advice, all delivered with warmth and good humour…I highly recommend this lovely book.

  11. Claire McCaffery, Talent and Leadership, Accenture

    Vulnerable and refreshingly honest…accessible to people from all walks of life – equally applicable to corporate and community… essential to cope with the fast-paced, complex and uncertain world we live in… a book I would definitely recommend for anyone focused on developing themselves or others to help them not only survive but thrive.

  12. Ross McIntosh, Organisational and Coaching Psychologist and host of the People Soup podcast

    Hats off to Eric – awesome work…an accessible, practical and fun book…Eric is an outstanding guide to the human condition and helping us all realise that taking courageous action is an ability, a skill to develop.

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